Monday, November 26, 2007

Religion or Cult?

Apparently im not allowed to use these words interchangeably. For some reason people get offended if i reference their religion as a cult. I personally see no difference. To differentiate is to claim that one person’s beliefs are more valid than another's. Considering no one can definitively prove one way or the other they shall all be cults to me.

Its so hard to legally define what is a religion, simply cause its so loosely established. So because of this reason we shall stick with the basic concept. The main difference between a religion and a cult is there size. Apparently if enough people believe in something, no matter how absurd, it gives it validity, and even more importantly a tax status. (Even christianity was once considered a cult).

The word cult has negative connotations, the image it congers is of an elitist totalitarian society headed by a self appointed charismatic preacher who intends to keep its members separated from the 'polluted' ideals of established society. Im here to tell you not all cults are like this, and not all religions are that far from this concept. The religious wars that caused so much blood shed over countless years were the original way to limit the strength of opposing religious concepts. By physically decreasing the amount of individuals believing conflicting views, they were able gain strength through fear and brute force. Add this to smear campaigns listing other religions as cults and you can almost understand why pagan symbols such as pentagrams were adopted by satanic extremists.

Religions/Cults aren't bad. That said they are not always good either. They give people hope, strength, courage and faith. They also give limited responsibility, irrational reasoning and prejudice logic. As long as they are not taken too seriously in a fanatic nature, and a person remains open minded i don't too much care what you believe. Just don't expect me to share your views.

A cult by any other name...

Till next we meet,

Saturday, November 24, 2007

My youth is slipping

Today i woke up old. I guess it could have been worse, i could have woken as Gregor Samsa did, but even this gives me little solace. I have been ripped from my teens before my time, before i could truly appreciate that that is the teenage life. And now with each passing year, death comes one step closer and i become that little more undesirable.

I initially had a plan to combat this problem, instead of turning twenty i would simply turn twenteen. But now in my much more wiser frame of mind i see this would be a foolish attempt to grasp at my slipping youth.

In the fading days leading up to this moment, i (almost) made a list of 'lasts'; things to do while i was still a teen. This turned out to consist of most of the things one is able to do when they turn 18, and because i didn’t put much effort into it i didn’t follow through by completing the tasks. For reference sake the kind of things that were on the list included: purchasing smokes (i don't smoke), going to a club (for the last time as a teen), getting a tattoo or piercing, get married and then consequently getting divorced (i sadly couldn’t find a willing participant) ect ect... And now looking back it perhaps could have been fun, ow well we live and learn.

So what happens now? What’s left for me? Will i slowly develop a taste for plaid? An overwhelming desire for lawn bowls? What?

The future is so unpredictable, and time so fleeting i doubt ill know until it’s upon me. So here’s to one more morning, for now that they are numbered. Half way to 40...

Youth is wasted on the young.

Till next we meet,

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fluro is in? Really?

Ok so this gospel is anything but a raver, i don't pretend to understand that impulse attraction to such colours and concede that style is a matter of personal taste. Obviously im a very accepting person, but there are some fashion faux pas that i cannot stand idly by and allow to continue.

1: The hot pink trackie dacks, IT IS NOT socially acceptable to wear hot pink trackie dacks in public! I realise pink is the new black, and i do not have a vendetta against the colour, simply the vile combination when it meets the already over abused trackie dacks. Whenever i venture out to a public shopping center i am bombarded with wave after wave of hideous looking teenage girls sporting these gag inducing pants and this self conceded look on their face as if they actually think they are 'all that'.

2: Clogs. You know what im talking about, those crazy plastic abominations. They are supposable extremely comfortable but that does not mean you are allowed to wear them in front of me! Its not just crazy people buying these things either, for some reason places like kmart and target cant stock enough of them.

What is this world coming too, first the fluro trackie dack and now the clog... is there any hope left for us any more? This needs to stop, sign a partition or write a letter to your local council member. Do whatever it takes, this has gone far enough, for if we don't do something now who knows what will happen. And for those of you who own either item you should be ashamed!

Fashion is not a luxury, It’s a right!

Till next we meet,


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Smart people wear glasses

There still remains a preconceived notion that smart people wear glasses. And at one point i agree this conception could have been true. Back before stylish designs were created, those with less than perfect sight (and therefore physically flawed) were shunned from view and social activity. Now these freaks roam among us, and worse yet, these defective individuals no longer even have their superior intelligence.

This stigma was originally created because every saturday night they would be locked away in their rooms with nothing but books to comfort their lonely pain. All was right in the world, they knew their place and they could be contained.

Life has changed so much, and with this the acceptance of 'the four eyed' breed. We see them in our movie theaters, in our parks, in our lives. They have seeped from their rightful places in government institutions and laboratories to our supermarkets, surf shops and yes even our hair dressing salons. The infestation is total.

The reason i bring this startling development to your eyes is because elections are approaching. It used to be, that at a glance, the common man (person, woman can vote now too apparently) was easily able to identify the correct candidate by how hideous their eye wear happened to be. There WAS a direct correlation between this hideousness and social rejection , but now the lines are blurred and has left this voter with no other option to base his decision than each candidates political agenda. What is this world coming too?

Stop blurring my vision

Till next we meet,

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Umm I wrote a blog, that I don’t really want to make public, but I just wanted to say ive had an epiphany of sorts and have learnt some scary things about myself. Im not proud of a lot of things in my life, and inside im a pretty sad person. I don’t know if im a strong enough person to do what I have to, but im going to try and make a few changes in my life. So im going through some stuff and you’re just going to have to bear with me.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Get lost! I can't, I have a gps.

Or rather had one, I’ve come to think deals direct is a little bit shottie! Ok so my mother wanted to get my father a gift for his birthday and decides that a GPS is a good idea. She finds what seems like a pretty awesome one on deals direct, and thinks well if im saving 300 bucks on one, ill save 900 dollars if I buy three.

So this is how both me and my brother ended up with one each. So all three arrive in the mail, we open them up and the one dad selected doesn’t work! Secretly I chuckle, thankful that mine was working fine. That was until today. Now mines cracked the shits and has decided to stop working.

Im obviously very angry because I was just starting to like it (its really a PDA with GPS capability, meaning ive been watching movies on it and taking my lectures on it too). So now we have to find the dam warranty and hope to god it all gets fixed.

Two down, one to go.

Till next we meet,

Skittles Vodka

Sugar energy highs and lowered inhibitions, what could go wrong! Yes you heard me right, skittles vodka, the craze that’s sweeping the nation.

I must warn people that this is a time consuming task that unfortunately needs a fair bit of preparation. I have successfully made and consumed two bottles and believe it was well worth it.

Create Skittles Vodka For Mixers: The BEST Summer Time Drink - For more amazing video clips, click here

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Coles accepts Wesfarmers' A$21.9bn takeover bid

What will happen now... i guess only time will tell

Monday, July 02, 2007

Crazy Customers!

We had a psycho in my store today, he punched a 16 year old boy in the face, was verbally abusive to all around him, and shoved a very small girl team member to the ground before finally deciding to leave. He was also seen in the parking lot kicking cars.

Now our store is situated in Stud Park shopping center, not 500 meters away from stud park police. YET HALF AN HOUR LATTER THEY STILL HADNT ARIVED. I would hate to think what would have happened in an emergency.

Understandably I had the 16 year old boy’s mother yelling at me, I felt so sorry for them both yet there was nothing I could do. The center security consists of a small old lady with a flash light and an oversized walky-talky. She did nothing!

And all this happened on our new store managers first day, what a lovely welcome. He handled the situation very professionally, making sure the shaken team members could safely return home.

Another moment of movie madness

Am i crazy? you decide.

So once again i have found myself in a moment of move madness, the desired movie of choice: The fountain. It is a saturday night and after been told that my friends 'cant be bothered' going out, i take my entertainment needs into my own hands. I had been told that there was a movie out thats ending baffled even the brightest of advisories 'The Fountain'.

In the beginning i was driven by mere fascination. I arrive at Blockbuster Rowville, to find all five copies have been rented out. I came for a specific movie, and was not tempted by the others lining the walls of the establishment. A normal man would give up here, but not me. I travel to another shopping complex still in Rowville to Video Ezy. To my dismay all there copies have been rented! (i also saw they were renting the secret, i paid 50 bucks for my mother to have a copy and i could have simply hired and burnt it, so this adds to my anger).

I am wounded but not beaten, i then travel to Knox City Blockbuster. I am met with the same taunting image, the plastic little signs everywhere 'Sorry im out'. Like hell your sorry! I return to my car to make the long trip home, there was one more stop but at this point i was not hopeful.

I turn left into highstreet road and park at the Wantirna Blockbuster. I make a b-line for the F section along the wall. And there as if a miracle, one last copy of 'The Fountain'. I quickly snatch it up rejoicing in my triumph, knowing full well this could have easily been disastrous.

Whether the movie was worth it or not was irrelevant, i have achieved something in my life, i have experted more effort than any who came before me and i reap my reward. Am i crazy? Does it matter? I have my movie, and all is right in the world again.

Sometimes effort pays off.

Till next we meet,

My calling

I believe everyone has a purpose in life, a calling if you will. I do not believe this is predefined, but rather built by the decisions and choices each one of us makes throughout our life that ultimately defines who we are. I have found my calling, looking back i can see my whole life has been leading to this one moment. Not everyone knows what they wish to become and some never find it, so i consider myself very lucky. I have found my destiny!

I am to join the noble ranks of men in the immortal quest that is, the search for the super parma. My resources are slim so my quest, at the moment, is contained to the boundaries of the Melbourne area. Countless have tried and failed, they were week. Where they have failed i shall succeed, and upon their backs i shall raise victorious.

Many believe it is simply a fable told to children, but i know better, it is out there , waiting for me. And so my long and arduous quest begins. My mind and body will pine as one for that i seek, and until this overpowering desire is fulfilled i shall never be complete.

Unknowingly i have been training for this moment, my mother feeding me nothing but chicken for 19 years has giving me an unnatural ability to identify the perfect blend of poultry, cheese and sauce. And now the time has come for me to unleash this power onto the world.

The quest has begun.

Till next we meet,

Monday, May 07, 2007

Life as an innocent bystander

Im not a bad person, I don’t cause horrible things to others, so then why are they inflicted upon me. My car was broken into for the second time in less than a year this morning. I arose early (5:30am because I need to go to uni to use a program for an assignment due at 9) to find my passenger side window smashed and the contents of my car scatted across the lawn.

I don’t believe anything was taken this time, was probably just some kids with nothing better to do than annoy me. This has caused such an inconvenience, not only did I almost freeze to death driving into uni, but now I have to spend the day chasing around places to find a window that can replace my broken one.

Wish me luck

Till next we meet,

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Untitled story (part 2) A fitting end

(Well one of my readers has made an attempt at finishing the untitled story, strangely enough its exactly how i imagined it turning out. Well... So here is Luke Davidson's attempt at an ending)

He reached for a razor blade near the sink. Tonight he would end the pain. No longer would he let people into his heart only to have them treat it like yet another disposable item in this fast food world. Only the razor blade wasn't there.

'Where had it gone?' he asked himself. Standing up, he decided he must have left it in the kitchen. He trudged down the lonely, dark hallway towards the kitchen. And then he heard it. Laughter.

Where was it coming from? Who was laughing at him now? Turning around, he saw a faint glow coming from the living room. Like a moth to flame he moved towards the room.

The noise had come from the TV. On it, he saw real people like himself, daring to open themselves up completely. Daring to be proud of who they were. Daring to live. And he knew what he must do. He must live. He must live his life to the full. A life of passion, a life of love, a life of hope. And he had this tv show, Big Brother, to thank for it.

God bless whoever thought Big Brother was a good idea.

(FYI 50th post, now does luke feel special)

Till next we meet,

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Untitled story (part 2 an unfitting end)

Im not going to finish this story, and its your fault! You did it to me, and you should be ashamed. Apart from danny and james i heard nothing from anyone about it. So its simply not going to be finished now, why should i put the effort in. Admittedly it was shitty and quite predictable, but hey guess what you didn't see this coming as an ending so you can shove it up your ass.

Till next we meet,

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Untitled story (part 1)

The man stopped in his tracks; once again he had lowered his barriers and opened his heart to the world, only to have it crushed with disappointment by those he trusted. He felt ashamed that he had deceived himself, he knew very well that’s this would happen as it often did, but he became blinded by the euphoric notion that it could be different this time, this time they had changed.

He lowered his phone from his ear and placed it on the counter. He removed his coat and laid it on the chair to his right closest to the door, he would have no use for it tonight. He turned on his heels very slowly and moved towards his bathroom.

The man was not old, yet one could no longer call him young. From the outside it would be perceived that he was happy. He had a well paying job at which he was very talented, he had a nice car and he owned his own home. Yes, from the outside it would seem that life was good.

The man reached the bathroom, flicked the switch and bathed the white room in light. He kept his gaze down as he moved towards the sink. With one brush of his arm he cleared the bench, spilling the contents onto the floor. He placed both hands around the edges of the sink to support himself, as if he didn’t trust his legs to hold. His eyes remained down, staring directly into the bowl.

Life had not been easy for the man, everything he had he had to work for. From a very early age the man learnt he could only depend on himself, that in this world there is only one you can truly trust. This notion may have made him bitter, but it also made him strong.

(this has not ended on a cliff hanger, simply the place where i have gotten bored. Besides i like the notion of breaking what maybe a less than 600 word short story into two non perceivable parts)

Monday, March 26, 2007

She choose to walk alone

She choose to walk alone,
Though others wondered why.
Refused to look before her,
Kept eyes cast towards the sky.

She didn't have companions,
No need of earthly things.
Only wanted freedom,
From what she felt were puppet strings.

She longed to be a bird,
That she might fly away.
She pitted every blade of grass,
For planted it would stay.

She longed to be a flame,
That brightly danced alone.
Felt jealous of the steam,
That made the air its only home.

Some say she wished too hard,
Some say she wished too long.
But we awoke one autumn day,
To find that she way gone.

The trees they say stood witness,
The sky refused to tell.
But those of whom had seen it,
Said the story turned out well.

She spread her arms out wide,
Breathed in the break of dawn.
She just let go of all she know,
And then, she was gone.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hu is on first?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

It's not cheating right....

Since the dawn of man, we have been searching. Searching for the definitive answer to the ultimate question. What constitutes cheating?

Ok so its not really the ultimate question, but i'd like to know the definitive boundaries none the less. And more importantly when should you tell someone about the actions of their partner if you feel the line may have been crossed?

So let's look at the facts, if a person is in a monogamous relationship, what interactions are only expectable to be conducted with the individuals within that relationship? What actions if conducted with another person constitutes as a cheating act? And now once you have decided that, if an action lies on the boundaries does it then became cheating if they knowingly conceal it? I mean if the president of the United States can claim fellatio is not classified as sex, then where is the line in the sand when it comes to cheating?

Thoughts for a waiting man

Till next we meet,

Monday, March 05, 2007

Jesus, take the wheel

It’s the least he could do really; I mean when does he ever chip in anymore. His been milking that ‘dieing for our sins’ thing for far too long, and its starting to get on my nerves. What kind of friend is he anyway? You go to see him once a week, his never there, and then he gets pedophiles to hit you up for cash; which is used to his further addiction. Let’s face it, Jesus is a drunk. When you have more wine in your blood stream than blood you know you have a problem, I’m thinking of having an intervention.

He is supposed to be a role model for our younger generations, yet not only is he a booze hound, he openly wastes water by walking all over it, I mean for Christ sake Jesus! His just mad because no one honks at those ‘honk it you love Jesus’ bumper sticks anymore, add that to the fact he can’t get his head around why his symbol is a fish and you can almost understand why he drinks.

His just like Paris Hilton, only famous because his daddy is. My friend just downloaded his movie ‘a night in Jesus’ but I hate night vision and it’s a bit old.

Its about time you help out Jesus, what have you done for me lately?

Till next we meet,

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Wall of Shame

At my work (kmart) they have just recently started a system which i shall refer to as the wall of shame. On this wall there is a list of mistakes that one can make when using a register during day to day activities. If you make one of these (sometimes very easy mistakes in protocol) your user code will be written up on this wall for everyone to see.

This is apparently legal because privacy is still (theoretically) maintained. Instead of writing the individuals name, they write the users number. This number is unique to each employee and only disclosed at that employees discretion. This is complete bull shit of course, not only is your user code printed at the top of every receipt but anyone so inclined can go and check on the computer.

Once the number is written on the wall that employee must see the line manager and sign a formal notice of the offense. If an employee receives three written warnings for the same offence they can be fired!

To give you an idea of how crazy this is, there have been over 30 offenses in two days and one poor person has their number written up under 5 of the different offenses. (User code 777 – I intend to find out who this person is lol.)

I have a feeling the friendly mentality of the kmart employees maybe lost after this stunt by management.

The only good to come of it is i've decided that I am going to openly judge those around me with a very similar system; look out for it in the up coming weeks.

Till next we meet,

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Neglectful Paul

Bad paul, bad paul... Well now i got that out of the way :)
I was going to do some post about Jesus but forgot the angle i was going to take so that will simply have to wait while i update you on my life (very quickly because i need to go to bed, gotta get up for work at 6 :( )

Well uni has just started back again, still trying to figure out whether i think this is a good thing or not... Disaster has already stuck and it was only my first day! One of my units has had too many people enrol, meaning we have exceeded the capacity of the lecture theatre we are allocated in. And because monash is so good at effectively using its resources all the lecture theatres with a capacity size able to accommodate us are booked solid! They are attempting to shift a marketing unit to a different location (which in turn will move another unit and so on.. until the game of tetras is complete and everyone is satisfied). The main problem with this (besides the inconvenience) is its going to screw up my strategically positioned hours at work! And ill have to work out my hours all over again.

Was introduced to POD (Peter O’Donnell) today, my Systems analysis and design lecturer. His such a character, and i have a feeling his enthusiasm is going to get us happily through the dry material we have to cover. The reason why i mention him is because he is making one of the hurdles to pass this aforementioned unit a reflective blog. Karl mentioned he had to do one for his course a little while back and said the others in his class didn’t really take it seriously. If you have ever read this blog before (or simply look at the amount of times i have posted) you will see that i don’t really take this one as seriously as i should, and am worrying whether the content that i am forced to post will come easily enough.

Well now i simply must go to bed

Till next we meet,

Friday, February 16, 2007


Not that you realize it, but there are many people fluttering in and out of your life each day that you simply forget. They are of no importance so their mental image is pushed aside. With this in mind think of those around you, your most closest of friends. How did you meet them? Why have you become friends? Why were they not forgotten?

It’s a very disparaging thought to think that if the circumstances were slightly altered that irreplaceable friend may be interchanged with another. That this person could have simply been another forgotten face lost in the crowd. Can you imagine passing them on the street without even a slightest of acknowledgments?

Sometimes it’s nice to know that you are thought of, that your not only remembered but accepted with all the baggage that entails. Think of that one person out there that can validate you, now take them away. It is said that you never truly know what you have until it is gone, but a forgotten face can not be appreciated, so the irony lies in the fact that you can never know what you are missing.

The ‘what if’ game is a cruel mistress that shows you how lucky you really are, you were not forgotten, and even in that there is a small victory. So in the interests of unforeseeable idealistic notions, be open to what life brings, why not greet a stranger, you never know who they may become.

Don’t forget me.

Till next we meet,

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Time, the penultimate decider

Life recently has just seemed like one decision after the next, a smorgasbord of problematic choices testing this weary uncertain traveler. But then again where would our story lead without the protagonist having to have to make a decision? Time will wait no man, and even least likely this one, so choices need to be made.

Why can’t life be simple, simplicity is supposed to be in right now, why can’t that translate into life? The thing is life isn’t simple; it’s the most complicated thing you will ever experience. And this complexity is the reason why decisions are so hard to reach. Each decision we make will have ramifications, some foreseeable some not, which will impact not only upon our lives but that of those around us.

I keep hearing people say that stupid expression, ‘only time will tell’. Time tells nothing except the passing of each wasted moment. Time is the penultimate decider, for when it really comes down to it, it is you and you alone who must decide. Yes it may force your hand, but it is you who must play the cards you are dealt.

We are all but a moment in time.

Till next we meet,

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Test

I’ve been told that every blog must have one of these buried deep somewhere. So I thought I’d bite the preverbal bullet and produce one now, if only to get it over and done with.

A test to find your ultimate companion:

(Just imagine I’m reading this to you in a slow melodic monotone voice, how a monotone voice could sound melodic I have no idea. But why should we let that stop the magic.)

  • Whose phone calls or visits are never unwanted or too long? Do you see their face?

  • Who would you most like to have in your life to ward off moments of loneliness? Do you see their face?

  • When you travel, who would make your trips more enjoyable? Do you see their face?

  • When your in pain, who would you most like to comfort you? Do you see their face?

  • When something wonderful happens in your life; a promotion at work, a successful financing. Who do you want to share the news with? Do you see their face?

Whose face appears to you my friend? Whose face?

Till next we meet,

Monday, January 29, 2007

Save the cheerleader, save the world

Everyone wants to be a hero; we all want to save the day. You fantasize about it after every action movie you watch. Plastering your face upon the protagonist in one of the over sensationalized situations, and then mimicking the actions of the flavor-of-the-moment actor whom happens to be playing the role.

Life isn’t a movie; the fictional characters of the screen are simply that, fiction, along with their actions. They are an extreme, risking everything selflessly within outlandish circumstances. They have become the image of the hero, monopolizing the definition. But the word hero encompasses so much more.

Heroes come in all shapes and forms; they are a son, a daughter, a stranger. They are everyday people just like you and me, except when they were put in a situation they went above and beyond.

People are heroes for various different reasons, many of which are not as glorified as Hollywood would portray them, (eg: defusing a bomb underwater whilst surrounded by man eating sharks and a clown who won’t stop bouncing from side to side (its in the next Spiderman I swear :p)). And just because their actions aren’t as showy doesn’t diminish their heroic status.

Sometimes heroes are not seen for what they truly are, special, unique. Sometimes standing out of the crowd isn’t seen, at the time, as heroic simply because of society’s conformist mentality; to step away from the group, to question the unquestioned.

So this is a message to the unsung everyday heroes of the world, even if recognition or gratitude isn’t shown, thank you. Thank you for doing what we could not, for what needed to be done.

A knight does not always wear armor.

Till next we meet,

Friday, January 26, 2007

Empty Pockets

$110,000. That is approximately what my brain is worth upon the conclusion of my education. At that kind of expense you think you would at least get a mug or something… I’d get it insured but the excess isn’t worth it.

In the not too distant future I’m going to wake up one day 40 grand indebt without a cent to my name, and I’m supposed to be excited about this. It’s a bit of a daunting figure to conceive, especially when all I’ll have to show for it is two pieces of paper. All I have to say is it better be some dam good paper, especially considering Kmart is selling 500 sheet sets for $4.99.

I hate debt, it’s such a downer. Far too many people get out of control and attempt to live beyond their means. Either living paycheck to paycheck or horrifyingly paying one card off with another. This is why I promised myself I would never get a credit card. Not that I don’t trust myself, I simply wanted to stay away from temptation. But apparently this is not an option; I need to get a credit card, if only to establish a credit history.

I’m not bad with money, and tend to think I’m alright at saving. But I’m afraid my habits may change if I succumb to the incessant amount of preapproved credit card applications I receive. I don’t want to have to go on one of Oprah's debt diets if I suddenly become obsessed. My brother is horrible with his card; it should be taken away from him! Even though he can’t handle the repayments he continues to purchase (eBay and credit cards do not mix. Can you say his addiction is an affliction? No? Well then try it without that piece of metal in your mouth). My mother is constantly paying his bills much to my father’s aggravation, and yet somehow my brother has the money for a spare of the moment trip to Canada

I have decided to delay the inevitable for as long as possible. My credit history shall have to wait, probably until that aforementioned fateful morning…

To charge, or not to charge? And Shakespeare thought he had it bad…

Till next we meet,

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Swimming upstream

Do you ever feel like your swimming against the current, like the tide is constantly knocking you back, away from solid ground? And no matter how much you fight, you're never completely in control?

I feel that life is a constant struggle, where nothing ever comes easily. We are forced into this battle if only to stay afloat, being persistently tested by the unforgiving sea that is our circumstances.

It is relentless, cold and harsh. Indiscriminate to all. And so we fight on. We keep pushing against this force that shall never subside. Simply because we know what will become of us if we falter, if we fail, if only for a moment.

In the end the current always wins.

Till next we meet,

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


(What a great site

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The List

Silly me tried to take on the world, and am slowly getting bored with what it is throwing back at me. Not all that long ago i started an endeavour, i say endeavour because it has been a personal trial of sorts. The task, to read the 100 books that adorn my list entitled 'The 100 greats before you die'. Now i have tried! Truly i have but this is starting to get ridiculous, i think i have taken on more than i can handle. A set list does not work. I have found myself going out of my way to read books that are not featured and therefore undermining the whole of point of the set list!

In the past two months i have read:
- The metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
- Swans way by Marcel Proust
- Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
- Ulysses by James Joyce
- Who's afraid of Virgina Woolf by Edward Albee
- The sound and the fury by William Faulkner
- The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald
- Cell by Stephen King
- The old man and the sea by Ernest Hemingway
- Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt
- Malicious Intent by Kathryn Fox
- The Rainmaker by John Grisham
(And have just started Elbow Room by James Alan)

Ive finally figured out why the list is so named. Because once begun it shall slowly kill the participant, or at least remove their desire to live :)

I am currently adding to my list, i'm going to remove some that i don't care to try and replace them with others. If you have a valid suggestion it would be greatly appreciated.

Till next we meet,

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Revelation 1

- And he shall burn for all of time, knowing not what he should know

Why has no one ever told me that sunscreen expires! Looking back upon the multitude of times where I was burnt simply because the protective lotion I applied was deemed ineffective could almost make me cry… Almost…

Logically it never occurred to me that sunscreen would have a ‘best before’ let along an expiration date, and as a consequence of this absence of information I have burnt and peeled unnecessarily. I blame the media, its purpose is to inform the masses, hence I believe this is a gross oversight on their behalf.

I am unfortunately not one of the lucky ones, born with perfect healthy looking tanned skin. I am what I would refer to as a ‘pasty person’, a condition that my parents felt the need to tell me when I was five. This of course completely ruined my ambitions of becoming the first black woman president. We all have obstacles, mine just happen to be quite large.

I wouldn’t feel sorry for me too quickly, I mean my condition is severe, but I’m not quite english just yet. Although sometimes I do wonder…

I have tried to brown on a few occasions. Of course they were completely in vain, but the point of this story is I have tried. No matter my efforts the result turns out the same, me lying on my back not moving for a good week just to recover.

Burning no longer on the agenda

Till next we meet,

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A plight to fight

Boredom has set in, and now look what i am reduced to.

Today i was searching for oxymoron's, don't ask me why, perhaps it’s just because i seem to like the word. And have decided, even though i was once enthralled by the notion (the brief period between typing it into google and pressing enter), the concept of them has become mundane at best. The top listing, which although slightly amusing 'Microsoft Works', fell far short of interesting and has left me border than before i began my quest.

So my search continues. I have an unquenchable thirst to be entertained with no medium in which to derive it. If a kind reader happens across this post, I ask that they take pity on me and help me in my plight.

Ow for those who like the TV show 'The OC' i found this entertaining: click here

Till next we meet,

Monday, January 01, 2007

Global Warming

For those of the nonbelievers proof is finally here: