Friday, January 26, 2007

Empty Pockets

$110,000. That is approximately what my brain is worth upon the conclusion of my education. At that kind of expense you think you would at least get a mug or something… I’d get it insured but the excess isn’t worth it.

In the not too distant future I’m going to wake up one day 40 grand indebt without a cent to my name, and I’m supposed to be excited about this. It’s a bit of a daunting figure to conceive, especially when all I’ll have to show for it is two pieces of paper. All I have to say is it better be some dam good paper, especially considering Kmart is selling 500 sheet sets for $4.99.

I hate debt, it’s such a downer. Far too many people get out of control and attempt to live beyond their means. Either living paycheck to paycheck or horrifyingly paying one card off with another. This is why I promised myself I would never get a credit card. Not that I don’t trust myself, I simply wanted to stay away from temptation. But apparently this is not an option; I need to get a credit card, if only to establish a credit history.

I’m not bad with money, and tend to think I’m alright at saving. But I’m afraid my habits may change if I succumb to the incessant amount of preapproved credit card applications I receive. I don’t want to have to go on one of Oprah's debt diets if I suddenly become obsessed. My brother is horrible with his card; it should be taken away from him! Even though he can’t handle the repayments he continues to purchase (eBay and credit cards do not mix. Can you say his addiction is an affliction? No? Well then try it without that piece of metal in your mouth). My mother is constantly paying his bills much to my father’s aggravation, and yet somehow my brother has the money for a spare of the moment trip to Canada

I have decided to delay the inevitable for as long as possible. My credit history shall have to wait, probably until that aforementioned fateful morning…

To charge, or not to charge? And Shakespeare thought he had it bad…

Till next we meet,

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  1. bad_intelligence said...

    worse comes to worse you end up declaring bankruptcy and mooch off the government for the rest of your life - at least you know your parents are willing to give money to a dead end cause!

  2. Bloghead said...

    I don't understand how people can spend and spend without a thought for tomorrow. I keep reminding my own siblings to save more for a rainy day down the road. You never know right?

    I think common sense should prevail. And I also think education doesn't buy you common sense. That's what steven seagal say in his movie anyway.

    I understand your enigma in getting a credit card. But if you're smart with your money then you should be okay right?

    Just my thought on your post!

    You might want to visit this site I frequent. It's about passion for savings so that you can retire early!

  3. Anonymous said...


    I'd step carefully: here is a forum dedicated to following the antics of Rob Bennett of Passion Savings, at which he posts as "Hocus." IMHO, I’d approach any output from this guy with extreme caution!

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