Friday, September 29, 2006

Objective view

I have had a debate recently whether a view could ever be objective, which of course it obviously can’t because no matter how many facts it is based upon it is still merely a perception biased by the viewer. But it got me thinking about the perceptions we have of others, and how well we really know people.

Humans are an amusing creature, we thrive on interaction and because of this we take certain measures to make sure our interaction with others continues. These measures often include time sacrificing tasks and withholding information.

People withhold information for many reasons, all of which eventually are designed to benefit them or the person with whom they are withholding the information. I am not classifying this as a bad thing; I myself do not divulge everything to all, but I am asking, do we withhold this information to create a perception we consciously desire or is it merely a copping mechanism as not to harm ourselves or others?

There are many things I do not wish to talk about, whether enforced by society’s standards or simply my unwillingness to open up. I myself have too many barriers, I defend my feelings with the use of sarcasm, yet this has not always been. It is something I have adapted to my personality which has now become its main focal point. I’m not sure whether I like this, it makes me seem unapproachable, yet at the time I believe that’s what its desired effect was.

One of my friends believes I analyse people too much, which I admittedly do, but not simply to evaluate whether an individual is worthy of my time, I have an inept desire to understand why they do the things they do and what catalysts initiate these things. By understanding to a certain extent I am able to foresee or extrapolate a basis for how they would react in other situations.

Secrets will always be kept, truths hidden and agendas disguised. This will never change, yet with all this hidden information and our current inabilities to detect how much is being withheld I ask you, how well can you ever really know a person?

Till next we meet,

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  1. Dale said...

    My my, somebody put some effort into that post. The editor in me only cringed once or twice. :P Seriously paul, ditch IT & Business and come write with me. I would struggle to be that articulate, conclusive and analytical on a good day!

  2. danny said...

    The only people I open up to are my closer friends as I can trust them with my inner agendas and truths as they would support me all the way. I would do the same for them.

    Unfortunately my inability to trust others fully has led me to create my own social barriers with many people. This has been disadvantageous at various points in my life. Then again, that can be quite contradictory if I possess a liking to someone. So I'm not sure what makes me keep the stories of my life hidden.

    And a debate is subjective. Objective points are there to support the subjective view, but in the end, a debate is subjective.

    Now I'm just flogging a dead horse, aren't I?

  3. Paul said...

    I wasnt questioning whether a debate is subjective, just simply a view. The horse is not dead he is very much alive lol.. His just pissed your kicking it.