Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things will never be the same

Snatched away by force,
Left to rot out in the rain.
The innocence of a child,
Now shivering in self blame.

Hidden in the corner,
Locked away from prying sight.
Lies that child, praying, wishing,
Someday that he might.

Wash away the scares,
And forget about the pain.
All the while knowing,
Things will never be the same.

The child keeps on living,
Maybe out of spite.
He wakes up drenched and screaming,
He can never sleep at night.

The darkness of events,
Keep replaying in his dreams.
A never ending story,
Where nothings what it seems.

The child, now a man,
Lives away from where he came.
Although the dreams have stopped,
Things will never be the same.

He lies in bed all alone,
And waits till morning come.
He dreads the sound of footsteps,
Though he knows there will be none.

The man receives a letter,
Informing of his father wake.
The father has died suddenly,
And to the grave he take.

The secrets of his life,
And the answers there within.
The reasoning of madness,
And the multitude of sin.

The man stares at the letter,
For what seems to be an age.
He walks around the room,
Yet his eyes don’t leave the page.

He knows he should feel safe,
The threat has gone and passed.
But he cannot help but think,
Of the questions gone unasked.

The man has never told a soul,
And decided never will.
The past is best left where it lies,
Under a dirt mound hill.

In front a stone, made of clay,
With words imprinted had.
Here lies a man remarked to be,
The world’s greatest dad.

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  1. iNDIE-jUNKER said...

    wow. nice.

  2. Luke said...

    Very impressive. (I was going to write my praise as a poem but can't think of a word to rhyme with impressive.)

  3. luke said...

    I too, am impressed!

  4. Anonymous said...

    you should blog once a week.

  5. Redeemed said...

    rEAl cOOl

  6. diziizleyelim said...
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