Monday, May 07, 2007

Life as an innocent bystander

Im not a bad person, I don’t cause horrible things to others, so then why are they inflicted upon me. My car was broken into for the second time in less than a year this morning. I arose early (5:30am because I need to go to uni to use a program for an assignment due at 9) to find my passenger side window smashed and the contents of my car scatted across the lawn.

I don’t believe anything was taken this time, was probably just some kids with nothing better to do than annoy me. This has caused such an inconvenience, not only did I almost freeze to death driving into uni, but now I have to spend the day chasing around places to find a window that can replace my broken one.

Wish me luck

Till next we meet,

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  1. sophie said...

    Oh, what a wretched feeling to see when you get to your car. Sorry for your troubles, hope you manage the replacement window with minimal stress.

  2. Dale said...

    yes, yes, you've had time to grieve and heal now, so blog again! I did three in one day Paul. Three in one day!
    Now hop to it!
    And give me some credit - the ice metaphor thingy was deliberate in my Why Did It Feel... post.
    And oh the hilarity of your latest comment. Oh. The hilarity. :)

  3. Luke said...

    I find it funny that because your blogspot is called Gospels according to Paul, that Google ads runs ads selling "Jesus Christ: Real Story". LOL

    I comment on this purely because there's nothing else to comment on seeing as you haven't posted in ALMOST A MONTH! :P