Monday, November 12, 2007

Fluro is in? Really?

Ok so this gospel is anything but a raver, i don't pretend to understand that impulse attraction to such colours and concede that style is a matter of personal taste. Obviously im a very accepting person, but there are some fashion faux pas that i cannot stand idly by and allow to continue.

1: The hot pink trackie dacks, IT IS NOT socially acceptable to wear hot pink trackie dacks in public! I realise pink is the new black, and i do not have a vendetta against the colour, simply the vile combination when it meets the already over abused trackie dacks. Whenever i venture out to a public shopping center i am bombarded with wave after wave of hideous looking teenage girls sporting these gag inducing pants and this self conceded look on their face as if they actually think they are 'all that'.

2: Clogs. You know what im talking about, those crazy plastic abominations. They are supposable extremely comfortable but that does not mean you are allowed to wear them in front of me! Its not just crazy people buying these things either, for some reason places like kmart and target cant stock enough of them.

What is this world coming too, first the fluro trackie dack and now the clog... is there any hope left for us any more? This needs to stop, sign a partition or write a letter to your local council member. Do whatever it takes, this has gone far enough, for if we don't do something now who knows what will happen. And for those of you who own either item you should be ashamed!

Fashion is not a luxury, It’s a right!

Till next we meet,


3 Misguided mentions... :

  1. Luke said...

    Aw, now you're just starting to shit me. :P

  2. Dale said...

    "fopas" :) the french would turn in their graves!! although i've heard that there are still some french people in existence, not just french fries...

  3. Dale said...

    PS I agree whole-heartedly!!!