Saturday, March 03, 2007

Wall of Shame

At my work (kmart) they have just recently started a system which i shall refer to as the wall of shame. On this wall there is a list of mistakes that one can make when using a register during day to day activities. If you make one of these (sometimes very easy mistakes in protocol) your user code will be written up on this wall for everyone to see.

This is apparently legal because privacy is still (theoretically) maintained. Instead of writing the individuals name, they write the users number. This number is unique to each employee and only disclosed at that employees discretion. This is complete bull shit of course, not only is your user code printed at the top of every receipt but anyone so inclined can go and check on the computer.

Once the number is written on the wall that employee must see the line manager and sign a formal notice of the offense. If an employee receives three written warnings for the same offence they can be fired!

To give you an idea of how crazy this is, there have been over 30 offenses in two days and one poor person has their number written up under 5 of the different offenses. (User code 777 – I intend to find out who this person is lol.)

I have a feeling the friendly mentality of the kmart employees maybe lost after this stunt by management.

The only good to come of it is i've decided that I am going to openly judge those around me with a very similar system; look out for it in the up coming weeks.

Till next we meet,

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