Monday, July 05, 2010


Didn't quite turn out the way i wanted them, but they look good enough yeah.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

My 11th Birthday

I watched the clock tick slowly upon my wall. Each passing moment seemed to take longer than the last. Until finally the clock struck midnight, and I was officially 11 years old.

Normally this age is considered inconsequential, but not to me. Finally my moment had come. I spent the rest of the day sitting at my bedroom window, watching the world pass by the front of our house.

Our house was on an ordinary street, in an ordinary town, of an ordinary city. And yet today, for me, that would all change.

I was unable to keep still for long, as i could hardly contain my excitement. To keep busy I kept pacing back and forth, not knowing exactly what to expect.

The sun peaked and fell and yet still nothing had happened. Surely there must be something wrong.

A week past and still no news.

The people at the post office were no help when i tried to explain my situation.

Another week, and i gave up hope.

My heart fell as the sudden realisation swept over me. That i in fact was not a wizard.

Till next we meet,