Monday, July 02, 2007

Crazy Customers!

We had a psycho in my store today, he punched a 16 year old boy in the face, was verbally abusive to all around him, and shoved a very small girl team member to the ground before finally deciding to leave. He was also seen in the parking lot kicking cars.

Now our store is situated in Stud Park shopping center, not 500 meters away from stud park police. YET HALF AN HOUR LATTER THEY STILL HADNT ARIVED. I would hate to think what would have happened in an emergency.

Understandably I had the 16 year old boy’s mother yelling at me, I felt so sorry for them both yet there was nothing I could do. The center security consists of a small old lady with a flash light and an oversized walky-talky. She did nothing!

And all this happened on our new store managers first day, what a lovely welcome. He handled the situation very professionally, making sure the shaken team members could safely return home.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Maybe I do like hearing people's stories...

    Sorry to hear about that...and security lax too. Well, let's find some random cases to at my work to show you how dodgy people can be:

    - Had a customer throw some food at my face (and it hit) after complaining I didn't do his order properly.
    - When I made a mistake with a customer's order, I went out and thought I'd actually go apologise. And he told me that so I should have and that was all my fault.
    - Percolated white coffee lady.
    - People yelling at me after I asked if they want chips what their order.
    - A man threatening me if I didn't give him a drink he didn't pay for.
    - 20 Greek kids coming into the store right on close...and...well...enjoying themselves.

    Hehe, strange world, I'd say. Hope things level down at your work.


  2. Dale said...

    Woah, full on...

    Customers suck sometimes. It's the rare ones who are [or at least appear to be] genuinely thankful and happy to have received service from you [lol...] that make it worth it sometimes.

    Three in a day? Is it Christmas already? :)

  3. Laurinda said...

    Yep I have to agree.
    I seriously don't know why the police took ages to come (if they even did come) What were they doing? Having afternoon tea? They're next to Stud Park. Not 1hr away. I could get there in like 10 seconds if i ran.
    What if he got to kitchen and got a knife? I'd hate to think what would have happened.
    And i think our security guards should have done more too.

  4. : : Wendz : : said...

    scariness!!! hope u weren;t too shakened