Monday, November 06, 2006

Loss of innocence

I morn for the loss of simpler times, of an idealism were things were as clear cut as good and evil. When our eyes where closed to the cruelty of this world, and our minds only loosely focused on the happenings of the day. I have grown before my time, my youth stolen and discarded upon the floor, forced from my grip by the events of my past.

I often reflect upon my time before cynicism, before life was complicated, when a consequence was merely a word thrown around defying its very definition. We are forced to grow up too early these days. Imparting upon children the truths of humanity at younger and younger ages diminishes the time they have to develop a sense of self. Why can’t a child simply remain a child? Understandably wisdom does not come with age, but rather with an individual’s ability to separate themselves from their circumstance and objectively evaluate the situation. Still, there are things that can wait for years to pass.

The world has many faces, each one made by man and influenced by money, greed and power. I’m not saying that one should be oblivious to the sins on this world, but we should allow for a greater gestation period before exposing our youths and destroying the wonder of innocence.

The loss of innocence is something we must all go through, it is a right of passage where the blinkers of romantic ideals are removed and replaced with a cold sense of reality. Glorifications are realised, and disappointment shall always ensue. But the age at which this process takes place should not be at the time of babes.

Discovery is not always what it seems.

Till next we meet,

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  1. Danny said...

    Hmmm, it's worse for the children younger than us now. Kids in grade 5 and 6 with mobile phones, ever-so-changing television, technology etc.

    Then we have to think about the kids that have lived with no innocence like those who have had to take care of their siblings from their childhood without living a life of fun and happiness.

    Then again, I guess I sometimes yearn that lack of responsibility and true restraint. However, my innocence ended younger than most.

    Life's a funny thing.


  2. Anonymous said...

    Well-written and observant as always. You're going to be a writer one day yes?

  3. Paul said...

    Thank you 'anoymous', its nice to know people read this lol. Sadly no I'm not going to become a writer :( ill end up behind a computer im afraid, ow well its the worlds loss lol.

  4. bahamut__neo said...

    fuck off danny

  5. better_than_you said...

    Lol yes danny, your ruining it! Let paul speak, his much smarter than you!

  6. your_nan said...

    and he is much sexier too