Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Neglectful Paul

Bad paul, bad paul... Well now i got that out of the way :)
I was going to do some post about Jesus but forgot the angle i was going to take so that will simply have to wait while i update you on my life (very quickly because i need to go to bed, gotta get up for work at 6 :( )

Well uni has just started back again, still trying to figure out whether i think this is a good thing or not... Disaster has already stuck and it was only my first day! One of my units has had too many people enrol, meaning we have exceeded the capacity of the lecture theatre we are allocated in. And because monash is so good at effectively using its resources all the lecture theatres with a capacity size able to accommodate us are booked solid! They are attempting to shift a marketing unit to a different location (which in turn will move another unit and so on.. until the game of tetras is complete and everyone is satisfied). The main problem with this (besides the inconvenience) is its going to screw up my strategically positioned hours at work! And ill have to work out my hours all over again.

Was introduced to POD (Peter O’Donnell) today, my Systems analysis and design lecturer. His such a character, and i have a feeling his enthusiasm is going to get us happily through the dry material we have to cover. The reason why i mention him is because he is making one of the hurdles to pass this aforementioned unit a reflective blog. Karl mentioned he had to do one for his course a little while back and said the others in his class didn’t really take it seriously. If you have ever read this blog before (or simply look at the amount of times i have posted) you will see that i don’t really take this one as seriously as i should, and am worrying whether the content that i am forced to post will come easily enough.

Well now i simply must go to bed

Till next we meet,

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