Monday, July 02, 2007

My calling

I believe everyone has a purpose in life, a calling if you will. I do not believe this is predefined, but rather built by the decisions and choices each one of us makes throughout our life that ultimately defines who we are. I have found my calling, looking back i can see my whole life has been leading to this one moment. Not everyone knows what they wish to become and some never find it, so i consider myself very lucky. I have found my destiny!

I am to join the noble ranks of men in the immortal quest that is, the search for the super parma. My resources are slim so my quest, at the moment, is contained to the boundaries of the Melbourne area. Countless have tried and failed, they were week. Where they have failed i shall succeed, and upon their backs i shall raise victorious.

Many believe it is simply a fable told to children, but i know better, it is out there , waiting for me. And so my long and arduous quest begins. My mind and body will pine as one for that i seek, and until this overpowering desire is fulfilled i shall never be complete.

Unknowingly i have been training for this moment, my mother feeding me nothing but chicken for 19 years has giving me an unnatural ability to identify the perfect blend of poultry, cheese and sauce. And now the time has come for me to unleash this power onto the world.

The quest has begun.

Till next we meet,

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  1. Luke said...

    May I recommend a place called 'The Palmerston'. It's on King's Way (kinda near the Shrine) and has a very nice Parma. So much so, I don't know what their other food tastes like. Good luck on your noble quest!

  2. Dale said...

    He's back! And this time, it's personal. Or something. :)
    Are Hawaiian parmas acceptable? They have pineapple and barbeque sauce as opposed to the tradish. Made quite a refreshing change...

  3. : : Wendz : : said...

    that's funny Paul, maybe you should learn to cook, and that way make your own SUPER PARMA!!! though remember to give it red underwear first :P