Sunday, November 11, 2007

Smart people wear glasses

There still remains a preconceived notion that smart people wear glasses. And at one point i agree this conception could have been true. Back before stylish designs were created, those with less than perfect sight (and therefore physically flawed) were shunned from view and social activity. Now these freaks roam among us, and worse yet, these defective individuals no longer even have their superior intelligence.

This stigma was originally created because every saturday night they would be locked away in their rooms with nothing but books to comfort their lonely pain. All was right in the world, they knew their place and they could be contained.

Life has changed so much, and with this the acceptance of 'the four eyed' breed. We see them in our movie theaters, in our parks, in our lives. They have seeped from their rightful places in government institutions and laboratories to our supermarkets, surf shops and yes even our hair dressing salons. The infestation is total.

The reason i bring this startling development to your eyes is because elections are approaching. It used to be, that at a glance, the common man (person, woman can vote now too apparently) was easily able to identify the correct candidate by how hideous their eye wear happened to be. There WAS a direct correlation between this hideousness and social rejection , but now the lines are blurred and has left this voter with no other option to base his decision than each candidates political agenda. What is this world coming too?

Stop blurring my vision

Till next we meet,

2 Misguided mentions... :

  1. Luke said...

    Aw, does this mean I can't get my fake prescription glasses just cos glasses look hot? Oh well, not all doom and gloom... at least I've got my fluro clogs to keep me happy.

  2. Dale said...

    I look great in Mum's eyewear.
    It warms my heart to read your musings again. :) Lameness over.

    Dale over.