Monday, July 02, 2007

Another moment of movie madness

Am i crazy? you decide.

So once again i have found myself in a moment of move madness, the desired movie of choice: The fountain. It is a saturday night and after been told that my friends 'cant be bothered' going out, i take my entertainment needs into my own hands. I had been told that there was a movie out thats ending baffled even the brightest of advisories 'The Fountain'.

In the beginning i was driven by mere fascination. I arrive at Blockbuster Rowville, to find all five copies have been rented out. I came for a specific movie, and was not tempted by the others lining the walls of the establishment. A normal man would give up here, but not me. I travel to another shopping complex still in Rowville to Video Ezy. To my dismay all there copies have been rented! (i also saw they were renting the secret, i paid 50 bucks for my mother to have a copy and i could have simply hired and burnt it, so this adds to my anger).

I am wounded but not beaten, i then travel to Knox City Blockbuster. I am met with the same taunting image, the plastic little signs everywhere 'Sorry im out'. Like hell your sorry! I return to my car to make the long trip home, there was one more stop but at this point i was not hopeful.

I turn left into highstreet road and park at the Wantirna Blockbuster. I make a b-line for the F section along the wall. And there as if a miracle, one last copy of 'The Fountain'. I quickly snatch it up rejoicing in my triumph, knowing full well this could have easily been disastrous.

Whether the movie was worth it or not was irrelevant, i have achieved something in my life, i have experted more effort than any who came before me and i reap my reward. Am i crazy? Does it matter? I have my movie, and all is right in the world again.

Sometimes effort pays off.

Till next we meet,

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  1. Luke said...

    So have you seen a film called Mulholland Drive... :p

  2. Dale said...

    Haha, you sure do like your accomplishment quests! I'm tempted to make up an imaginary film and have you search for it in vain, but now I've told you my cunning plan, so... it's not so cunning anymore.

    Anyway, heard of a movie called The Dale Supremacy??

  3. Dan said...

    Well, I congratulate you on your quest and hope it was worth the effort. How was the movie by the way?

  4. : : Wendz : : said...

    gee wizz you're easily satisfied with such accomplishments, basically a "to do list" and u just ticked it off...WELL DONE