Saturday, February 10, 2007

Time, the penultimate decider

Life recently has just seemed like one decision after the next, a smorgasbord of problematic choices testing this weary uncertain traveler. But then again where would our story lead without the protagonist having to have to make a decision? Time will wait no man, and even least likely this one, so choices need to be made.

Why can’t life be simple, simplicity is supposed to be in right now, why can’t that translate into life? The thing is life isn’t simple; it’s the most complicated thing you will ever experience. And this complexity is the reason why decisions are so hard to reach. Each decision we make will have ramifications, some foreseeable some not, which will impact not only upon our lives but that of those around us.

I keep hearing people say that stupid expression, ‘only time will tell’. Time tells nothing except the passing of each wasted moment. Time is the penultimate decider, for when it really comes down to it, it is you and you alone who must decide. Yes it may force your hand, but it is you who must play the cards you are dealt.

We are all but a moment in time.

Till next we meet,

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Time is a merely a measure of change...time does not tell...the change tells and then we ascribe some abstraction of how "long it took" to do so...irrelevant.

    The decisions that are made, are in fact the only decisions that could have been made... unless you perscribe to a multi-universe view...but that is a whole other thing, isn't it?

    No, I think that every single person makes the best (and only) decision possible, given their understanding of the world at the time that the decision is made.
    Your next post has a comment about what if's?...I think they too are irrelevant. If the decisons that were made, were the only ones that could be made, then there is no way that person of said significance could not have entered into and had such an effect on your life.

    Just a few thoughts...berevity not being my strong suit I hope you will forgive the length.

  2. Paul said...

    Change is not measured in time; it is a continuing process that is forever searching for an elusive state of stability. Hence change can never be effectively measured because its non-contiguous impact never truly ceases.

    For there to be a decision one must be faced with multiple choices. You state that "the decisions that are made, are in fact the only decisions that could have been made", you’re making the assumption that each decision one makes is both informed and thought through.

    You cannot honestly state that every decision is allowed the appropriate amount of resources to allow an individual to "make the best (and only) decision (should really be choice) possible"?

    You seem to be very dismissive; claiming half the things i bring up are irrelevant. Irrelevant to what? Relativity in relation to my thought process lies solely at my discretion.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Not My intention to be dismissive...I was sort of thinking something through that I have been giving alot of thought to for a long time. I have read your blog a few times and always found the content to be thought provoking.

    As for the decision comment (or choice if you prefer), the point or emphesis should be on "given their understanding of the world at the time that the decision is made".

    I am not sure that this is actually a true statement, but it seems more likely than others that have been presented to me thus far.
    Again, my apologies, I did not mean to offend.