Friday, February 16, 2007


Not that you realize it, but there are many people fluttering in and out of your life each day that you simply forget. They are of no importance so their mental image is pushed aside. With this in mind think of those around you, your most closest of friends. How did you meet them? Why have you become friends? Why were they not forgotten?

It’s a very disparaging thought to think that if the circumstances were slightly altered that irreplaceable friend may be interchanged with another. That this person could have simply been another forgotten face lost in the crowd. Can you imagine passing them on the street without even a slightest of acknowledgments?

Sometimes it’s nice to know that you are thought of, that your not only remembered but accepted with all the baggage that entails. Think of that one person out there that can validate you, now take them away. It is said that you never truly know what you have until it is gone, but a forgotten face can not be appreciated, so the irony lies in the fact that you can never know what you are missing.

The ‘what if’ game is a cruel mistress that shows you how lucky you really are, you were not forgotten, and even in that there is a small victory. So in the interests of unforeseeable idealistic notions, be open to what life brings, why not greet a stranger, you never know who they may become.

Don’t forget me.

Till next we meet,

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  1. Dale said...

    Hmm, I wonder what the inspiration for this post could have been? A certain myspace comment perhaps?

    I like your posts a lot Paul. They achieve what mine couldn't. A certain detachment (or maybe not...) which leads to a more overall perspective of things, and results in some profound or insightful... insight. :)

    Not forgetting you anytime soon or distant.


  2. Tim said...

    You never cease to amaze me with that insight of yours. Run for PM, you have my vote.

  3. AmyMeacham said...

    Hmmmmm... Leonard Cohen's "The Stranger Song" was playing while I read this....

  4. orian57 said...

    I do often think about this sort of thing, it facinates me to think that i may have missed out on the best friendship i've ever had if just one something hadn't happened.

    What's even more facinating is the idea that these forgetables may already be intimatly involved in my life without either of us realising it. you know the sort of thing i mean, it's everywhere in those giant american serials (Lost). And also (now atempting to sound cultured) in the play "An Inspector Calls" by J. B. Priestley.

    maybe i'm just talking shit now i dunno, although i do know that, as dale and tim said, your posts (i've read a few now) are amazingly insightful, clear and lucid (which is where mine probably fail.)

    also thanks for adding my blog to your "other blogs" list that's pretty cool.

    have fun!