Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Get lost! I can't, I have a gps.

Or rather had one, I’ve come to think deals direct is a little bit shottie! Ok so my mother wanted to get my father a gift for his birthday and decides that a GPS is a good idea. She finds what seems like a pretty awesome one on deals direct, and thinks well if im saving 300 bucks on one, ill save 900 dollars if I buy three.

So this is how both me and my brother ended up with one each. So all three arrive in the mail, we open them up and the one dad selected doesn’t work! Secretly I chuckle, thankful that mine was working fine. That was until today. Now mines cracked the shits and has decided to stop working.

Im obviously very angry because I was just starting to like it (its really a PDA with GPS capability, meaning ive been watching movies on it and taking my lectures on it too). So now we have to find the dam warranty and hope to god it all gets fixed.

Two down, one to go.

Till next we meet,

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  1. Dale said...

    And oh yeah! You're blogging again! I've waited so long for this day... *tears up*

    That sucks so much! I think it broke because I didn't get to see it. OR, alternatively, I was right all along and you never had one and this is your lame excuse. :)

  2. : : Wendz : : said...

    oh, all battle for the last one then