Monday, December 25, 2006

On the second part of christmas

On the second part of Christmas the fishers brought to me:
- two very scared german exchange students

The reason why the exchange students were scared (apart from having to live with the fishers...) was my brother turned up and started voicing is anger, so that was fun for me :)

The mother had been bitten by a dog a few days before, she was telling the story and my father had to stop me from laughing out loud. Then they started talking about how they have to see their extended family tomorrow for lunch, and how much they can't stand the freaks... Talk about calling the kettle black..

Then Kate, Steven (right spelling) and the germans left, after which the mother started talking about sending Kate away somewhere because she has anorexia :)

Other things i don't want to elaborate on:
- There was a very embarrassing incident with my father
- Told the fishers the thing i let slip at the other Christmas lunch
- Forgot the name of the little one (Eliza)

It s finally over.... until next year

Till next we meet,

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