Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No Bang - the birth of a catchphrase

If television has taught us one thing it's that individuals with cleaver catchphrases tend to stay around for more seasons, as long as the rest of the show isn't complete tripe. Luckily enough this has nothing to do with whats going on.

I've always wanted to know how social phrases come to be, i mean who came up with using the word 'cool' as a substitute for good or ok? And how did it become so prolifically used? Well today you are witnessing history in the making, i am about to unleash my own stylings upon the catchphrase world. I'm not attempting to make a big deal about it, simply trying to avoid or rather sidestep some of the weirdness no doubt im going to encounter when it gets used for the first couple of times; explaining its meaning and the origin of its creation to every individual i happen to use it on.

Its conception was happened upon when Sarah Bell (a very nice, very talkative individual) caught the tailings of a convocation about me not going to 'Bang', a club that it seems i've been going to every week for quite some time. Hence when i said "no bang" she wouldn't have been able to understand the reference. She however took it a slightly different way, meaning no good, thus "No Bang" was established.

No Bang - 1. refers to a build up where the ending is not as dramatic as the hype suggested. 2. refers to something which is simply no good, lacking all the bells and whistles. 3. refers to something that would be inappropriate to be celebrated with fireworks or party poppers.

This is something i assume will die off soon, but i like it, so your going to have to suffer through it for a good few weeks to come.

Till next we meet,

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  1. : : Wendz : : said...

    No bang...hehe sounds weird, and I kinda had an idea it was somewhat related to a clubname, ma friend's always going there, though I haven't coz I'm an anti-social clubber, but it's not in your list of clubs to go, so that's alrite, so is that no bang for me?

  2. AdamMac said...

    Hmmm... summing up that blog in two words....

    No Bang.

  3. Dale said...

    I like it and will use it at every available opportunity. Surely if someone as cool and well-known as me is heard saying in then it will catch on like wildfire. :)

    Oh and on that note it would probably be better if adam didn't have license to use it... lol.

  4. Alex said...

    Hows the introduction going? Has it gone off with a bang?