Saturday, December 02, 2006

Aliens exist?

Ah so it has come to this, the gospel must inform the sheep once again about the sad facts of life. Destroying the myths we all know are false and hopefully offending many demographics along the way.

I’ve always wondered who came up with that immortal image that we initially associate with an alien; Big black eyes positioned on an oversized cranium with thinned out features and a slender mouth. Silly boy forgot to copy write, and is now out millions as a result (I would have loved him to demand money from Spielberg for the use of ET). I assume it was a man because it was the 40’s when women where not classified as people.

I’ve read about the Roswell incident and the propaganda surrounding it. About the ‘lies’ we have been told and the conspiracies created as ‘the true’ alternative. See dale, if you had these people’s imaginations you would have written at least ONE book by now - “Hows that novel you’ve been working on?”

I love the religions that are preparing for their coming (and I don’t just mean Scientology; side note I have read L. Ron Hubbard’s dianetics, not that interesting… I liked battlefield earth better, why haven’t they made that one into a religion yet? It’s just not the same as being made into a movie), although to be fair I do know of a few other religions waiting for a return of a certain individual… 2006 years after his original birth.. hmm is he still coming?

Why do aliens always abduct some redneck hick? Why don’t you ever hear about normal people with (real) college degrees getting abducted? And don’t throw that shit at me saying “they only do that because this way people won’t believe they exist, they are protecting themselves” what are they afraid of, we might suspect they have weapons of mass destruction? – My rebuttal to people who use this argument: ‘Star Trek isn’t real get over it’.

People have an inept need to believe in things, they are afraid that life has no real meaning and by clinging onto notions such as ‘aliens’ allows them to cope.

Ghost writing is hard!

Till next we meet,

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  1. Wendy said...

    Yes...intriguing insight into aliens...ponders my curiosity too now LOL
    Do aliens exist? Hmmmm, I wouldn't have a clue, besides what is portrayed in there life out there?
    I do beleive in some existence outside planet earth, but in another form, another dimension, another look ...maybe not necessarily physically visible...hence our imagination is left wandering the whole solar system for what is beleived to be another lifeform.
    Reminds me of the 4400, how special ppl were abducted and given special abilities..dunno what happened after I only watched the first two episodes.
    and HUH!!! it was ghost writing???!!! I think you need to work on that one Paul, not scared one bit MUAHAHAHAHA

  2. Paul said...

    Dam! perhaps next time ill work in some clowns or something, that might help :)

    No i never liked the 4400 either, and i think its funny how we have a whole channel now devoted to sci-fi


  3. Dale said...

    The last line leads me to suspect that it was not Paul who wrote that blog. However, it sounds a lot like him... So if it was Paul I sound like an idiot, if it wasn't Paul then bravo to whoever wrote it.
    Also, mentioning me in blogs is appreciated, although criticising my lack of imagination wasn't very nice... :P
    And about aliens, I don't really care. :)

  4. Wendy said...

    YAY I feel special now, I got special mention too Dale, but in a comment HEHE
    How'd u know I'll come back and read it...okay I admit I'm a curious one LOL

  5. Paul said...

    Well dale you have to ask yourself would i criticize your lack of imagination? - and you will have your answer...

    SEE Wendy, and you laughed at me when i said i comment replies!

  6. Alex said...

    OMG you wrote it! BUT DIDN'T mention me! :-(

    Much better than i suspected, considering i didn't really think you would write it, so snaps all around :-)

    The next one better have something about me in it!

    Alex xoxox