Monday, December 25, 2006

On the first part of chirstmas

On the first part of Christmas my grandma said to me:
- "We need to ship off all those dam Indians, we have enough taxi drivers as it is"
- "The chinks are multiplying"
- "Those fags that live down the street.." (i think she was saying they were shifty or something, i was trying not to pay attention)

There were more but i forgot them as a result of the other events that happened.
For one i inadvertently let slip something i didn't want to, but doesn't really matter and two i backed my brothers car into a tree.. So he went off tap screaming and cracking a fit, threatening my life and all :)

All this before meeting the fishers :)

You gotta love the holidays: a special shout out to Mr Mac, what strength i have left i give to you in this your more deserving time of need.

Till the next part is over,

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