Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Prefect application due

(Below is an extraction of what was sent to my principle when requesting the position of prefect, written in the year 2004)

Why I would like to become a prefect:

When I first contemplated about becoming a prefect I asked myself, what does the term prefect mean to me? I see a perfect as a passionate reliable individual who has leadership qualities, but also as a person who is responsible and in control. They must present themselves in a manner befitting their position and be able to persuade others to do the same. They must be approachable yet be able to command the respect of their peers. They must be meticulous in their actions and have strength and faith in themselves. But most all they have to have a dedicated desire to excel in everything they do. Once realizing this I had a look in the mirror. I imagined myself as a prefect and began to see these qualities in me. I see myself as the sort of person to which people respond well. I have a calm caring nature yet am able to control a situation with demanding authority.

I see becoming a prefect as a way of proving myself to not only my peers but also my teachers. I furthermore see this as a great opportunity to give back to the school for which I have taken so much. I wish to become a role model to the younger generations, a pinnacle to which they can aspire. I believe that becoming a prefect will not only help me grow as a leader but also as an individual. I thrive in stressful situations and acknowledge that compounded on the regular stresses of year twelve I will gain a multitude more as a result of being a prefect. I believe that I am ready to take on the extra reasonability’s of being a prefect and I hope that you will believe so too.

(There is more but it relates to my outside activities and where I wanted to go after high school)

What a crock of shit! The only reason I wanted to become a prefect was so I could get the gold braiding around my blazer (the irony is not lost on me). Hmm and I think I read the word ‘prefect’ too many times, although I may have just been trying to create a greater association between the word and myself…

I’d like to think I have some of these above mentioned qualities, although there are a choice few that would need to be added (I’m sure your thinking of some now). In case you were wondering I did become a prefect, house captain in fact. I went on to win the cup with my egotistical sidekick (me and Michelle what a team).

Till next we meet,


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  1. Dale said...

    Egotistical sidekick is right! She was ker-razy! And you do embody a lot of the things you said in your application.. *cough cough*

  2. Anonymous said...

    hey paul. i m from singapore. i found your prefect thing really cool. i am a prefect and i think i will be a better one after this. thx:D

  3. kpatb said...

    I sent my prefect application in a couple of days ago and THEN i read this. Made me feel rubbish :P

    You are a REALLY good writer, and I've read your other stuff. Seems you have a great talent - dont it please =)

    Keep writing!

  4. Anonymous said...

    Woah! That was way impressive you're awsome. I'm doing my own application now and i've found this really helpful so thanks a ton! XD

  5. Anonymous said...

    I'm writing my application as we speak... Ctrl V

  6. Paul said...

    Im glad that this has been so helpful for people, I would suggest using it as a reference rather than just copying it. I have cringed a few times reading over it, perhaps I should write a better one.

    Well if people want one just ask. And i'd like to hear how people go whether you are successful.


  7. Anonymous said...

    oh may i please have one!

  8. Anonymous said...

    You're a great writer. I'm filling in my application now and even though this is everything i wished to write, i just couldn't put it in words like you did! Mind if i borrow a few points?


  9. Anonymous said...

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  10. anastasiastarz said...

    The last part is so true. Apart from the embroidery/braiding we only want to be prefect for reasons that benefit us not others. But no one says that. It'll be very interesting to hear what everyone is going to say why they should be a prefect.

  11. Anonymous said...

    I'm writing my Head Girl application letter now and I'm glad I came across this before I submitted it because it has some really good points in it. I hope you don't mind if I use some of your good ideas?
    Also your blogs are really good, inspiring in a word. So well done! Keep writing