Monday, October 23, 2006

Blatant Misconceptions:

How many times has your actions been misconstrued because someone has read too much into them?

I am constantly being misunderstood; I’m not a very complex creature. In fact it wouldn’t take much to summate me; a few poignant points about my numerous fascist and insurmountable flaws and where done.

There isn’t always an underlining reason for an action to take place, nor in some cases any reasoning what so ever. So why can’t people just accept things at face value?

Admittedly there are cases where I am acting with a slightly hidden agenda, not falsifying my intentions simply not divulging the entirety of my intent. This is why I get into trouble, simply because I have these moments doesn’t mean this is how I constantly act.

I will never tell you everything.

Till next we meet,

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