Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The night of the terrible two

I thought you may wish to know about how serious my condition has gotten...

Ok fair enough I normally I’m pretty lazy with assignments but they seem to get done within the time limit pretty easily. This was of course before the night of the terrible two..

As I’ve alluded to in past posts I’m at uni doing a double degree involving information systems. The two IS units I do are programming (java) and database, which I’m pretty good at.

Both of these units had an assignment due last Friday, and I’m sure we had two weeks to do both, so logically I should have started them then. But I wasn’t going to let logic get in the way of things so I left them for a while. In the mean time I had to do another assignment for management which I despised, which took the majority of my concentration.

Long story short it’s Wednesday night and I realise I haven’t done either of them, so offcourse I tell myself that ill set tomorrow to do them both. I get to uni at 10am on Thursday, set myself up in a lab and start to procrastinate. Newayz its 6pm, programming is finished but I still have database to do. So time goes on… (btw the students from my whole course are there working on these assignments, apparently my condition is contagious).

Despite some major problems like the database server being down because too many people kept trying to access it, I got through. Although by this time is 12:30pm on Friday..

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Paul, he turns around and tells you that then he needed to go to work from 3-9:30…

NEVER AGAIN!!! (But I can’t promise)

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