Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Living life in another skin

I often catch myself changing my personality to an extent when interacting with different sets of people. It isn’t much deviation, but when multiple sets are being interacted with simultaneously I believe both them and I can see the differences.

I believe my personality has a basis, and when I interact with others different attributes and characteristics are added on. This can be explained by my comfort levels and what I perceive maybe too much for others. I am never fake, just different.

This can relate to hiding information, but also to the way in which you connect with each group. I don’t believe (for me personally) there is any dependence upon how dominate the other personalities are, simply because of the fact that I’m not able to conclusively state whether I increase or minimise my outgoingness as a result (other mitigating factors must play a crucial role).

Soon I shall make a conscious decision to express the whole me to every group, yet I don’t know how such an act will be performed considering my inability to truly recognise who I really am.

Who am I, if not me?

Till next we meet,


2 Misguided mentions... :

  1. LouLou said...

    I think we're all chameleons to some extent.

    It's how we adapt to differing social situations, and more often than not, how we protect ourselves in unfamiliar or disturbing settings.

    Well, that's my rationalisation anyway.

  2. bad_intelligence said...

    your bipolar with a hint of multiple personality dissorder, but ur good value so its ok.