Friday, October 06, 2006


Just a quick question:

Why do we change the names of animals when they are prepared for consumption?

Cow = Beef
Pig = Pork
Sheep = Lamb

And why is chicken still 'chicken'? (or are they hens)

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  1. bad_intelligence said...

    because the only other other white meat is baby - and no one wants that

  2. nEe said...

    To hide the fact you're eating them?

  3. AdamMac said...

    You forgot to mention that some lucky animals, like the pig, have more than one name for consumption!!!

    I think that the actual name refers to the meat on the animal, thats why there can be many different names for when we eat them, as we are eating different parts of them.

    So we aren't actually changing the names of the animals, but being more specific at naming the part of the meat we are eating.

  4. Paul said...

    Isn’t that nice Adam has an opinion, too bad he didn’t put the effort into it to argue his point conclusively :( - (although there is one for a more talented individual to attempt)

    The names I left were categorical; beef would be the category where as shank, brisket and sirloin would be the sectional references or the ‘different parts’. The same can be applied to pork (pork is the only categorical name for pig, ham and bacon are sectional; the back legs and the underbelly.

    Once sufficient backlash upon my comments have been made, I shall divulge my opinions on why these names are so.

    Till next we meet,

  5. bad_intelligence said...

    Poultry doesn’t change its name when prepared for consumption:
    - Turkey is still turkey
    - Duck is still duck
    - Quail is still quail

    Chicken is no exception, but the classification of the other meats is very thought provoking.

  6. bad_intelligence said...

    Paul commented for me because I was too lazy, the classification of other meats isn't that important to me.