Sunday, October 29, 2006

If not me, then who? If not now, then when?

I was never one to make a stand. Sure I have strong opinions, but never enough outrage to liberally advocate a cause. Which is a shame because I feel I should believe in something. There has to be a message that I would feel compelled to voice, I am just yet to find it.

There are many groups at university I could join, but don’t simply because all they basically do is flap their chins. Nothing ever changes, things continue because the majority accepts it. And I don’t see how participating in some activist group activities that are only done to create an illusion of control for them, could really help the plights of others. Don’t get me wrong, when the activities are direct contact (eg: physically going and helping individuals on the streets, or giving back to the community) I can see the purpose. But rallies and discussion groups can only ever achieve very little, preaching to the converted just seems like an irrational waste of time. Obviously there point is to show strength of numbers, but this is irrelevant if the group in question holds no influential power.

I still hold faith in the system, it is not perfect, but is a system none the less. It is constantly changing and adapting based upon societies standards, and the sooner we condemn actions or practices the sooner the system catches up.

So here I am, a man without a cause.

To love and loose,

To live a loss,

To come to ones demise.

To make a stand,

To turn away,

The actions no surprise.

Till next we meet,

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