Monday, January 04, 2010

I am a university drop out

Or at least that is what Monash is telling me. On the 31st of December I logged into my Monash email for no real reason to find a rather worrying email with the subject line "You have not re-enrolled".

I did actually re-enroll so naturally i thought this was just some sort of mistake. I had been at Monash for 4 years and will (maybe..) finish my two degrees this year. I open the email and it tells me in no uncertain terms that re-enrollment closes on the 24th of November and that the late re-enrollment period lasts until the 18th of December.

Enrolling in the late re-enrollment period carried a fee of $250 and a warning that if you do not re-enroll you may lose your position in your course. I check the date again and yes it was still 31st of December well after the late period and during the time when Monash is closed for the holidays.

I must say the words that came from my mouth at this point were less than dignified. For you see my course actually no longer exists, individually each degree is obviously still running but there has not been a combination for a few years. There has also been changes to unit requirements in both these degrees that previously didn't effect me because of the stream i was in but i have a fear may come back to bite me in the ass when i become re-enrolled.

Monash like a lot of business opened back up today, but my efforts of communication with them have yielded nothing. Three calls where i was met with an answering machine stating the office i was attempting to get in contact with was currently busy is not a good sign. I sent an email on the 31st so maybe that will have better luck but i think it might be prudent that i go in tomorrow after work.

Not that i anticipate it is going to happen, but the thought of Monash saying i would only be able to get in for semester 2 is rather scary.

Till next we meet,

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