Thursday, September 28, 2006


There are many things I hate in this world: escalators that don’t move, stupid people with no opinions, ignorant people with opinions ect… But went it comes to the over-abuse of words I just can’t stand it...

There are certain words that are thrown around too much to the point where they have become to lose their meaning. I reference these words as the big three (there are others but these are the main offenders and are the most likely ones you will run into):

1. Love

A touchy subject where anyone is involved. I believe love is an emotion that describes a euphoric state of being as a result from an external influence; it should only ever be said when meant and never to be applied to articles of clothing. Too many people associate the word love with their relationships because they feel it gives meaning to its existence and continuation. Love is allusive but most definitely real, using it with inappropriate referencing diminishes the effect that true love holds and tarnishes the validity of the current relationship.

2. Promise

The mere mention of the word makes me shiver, two syllables that holds enough power to bring a nation to its knees. The word promise has shifted from its original intention, once it meant something, now I’m not so sure. Broken promises scatter my life, they are a constant inevitability which I am afraid will never cease. An appeal to those of you who are reading, life is too short to promise the world.

3. Cute

I tire quickly of this word, like the others it has been abused to the point where its meaning has been stripped away, except it’s nearly at the point where it is soon to be abandoned. Paris Hilton is trying to replace it with ‘hot’ but its not going to happen you skanky cesspool.

The big three as told by me:


Till next we meet,


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  1. nEe said...

    Love, Promise, Cute.
    Cute. fun...
    Love, Promise, Cute...

    Keep smiling
    Love, Promise, Cute. =P

  2. Dale said...

    The editor in me screamed "FIX! FIX! SPELLING & GRAMMAR MISTAKES EVERYWHERE!" But the normal me was quite interested in what you had to say.. Keep up the good work. You already have more comments than I do!

  3. Danny said...

    I'll focus on the word "promise" tonight.

    The words "I promise" have a certain ring to them. If some "promises" to get something done for me, my heart momentarily stops for a second. Dark emotions form. Why?

    Maybe it is because of the pain of having promises broken in the first place? Maybe people lack the ability to finish something for someone else? Whatever the reason, we lose faith in the very words that are designed to hold such a powerful meaning.

    In life, I work hard. I believe that. But I never promise. I say I will do things, and those things are done. But I never promise. Because I fear that someone's heart might be a break a little bit more if that possibility of a promise does not come to place. Let people reside their trusts in me. Not my words.