Thursday, September 28, 2006

Laziness and dreams

I apologise for the original post, it was not one of my concoctions. A rude little boy whom will get his comeuppance very very soon has forced the responsibility of entertaining the masses upon me. Simply another duty I shall take in my stride.

I've decided to make my first (real) blog about my inability to complete things so you will have a deeper understanding of why it may take an extraordinary amount of time for new material to be posted (that’s Paul for you always thinking of others… lol by the way my name is Paul, now that that mystery is over with Nancy Drew can we continue with the current story). There was a prime example of my inability to keep on track, and my blatant disregard for a conceptual progression of thought.

It has always been this way, to the point where I’m contemplating whether I should finish this current blog. I know I’m not alone though, across our vast world there are others plagued by my dreaded disease ‘lazieitis’.

Lazieitis ~ a ravenous disease that plagues upon the effort of the willing, incapacitating there ability to perform a function for an extended period of time. Symptoms include: crankiness, loss of motor skills and mild rectal irritation

I’m astonished we haven’t formed a support group…

But there is hope for us all, a shining glimmer of light has broken forth from our depths of gloom, exceeding expectation as he rides a star to which we should all aspire. Abandoning reason and notions of self inadequacies his strength and courage of conviction to accomplish his dreams is something I shall always envy.

Mmm I kind of figured this would happen I’m finishing the post without really talking about what I initially wanted to… namely me. I guess there will be plenty of time for that later.

Till next we meet,


2 Misguided mentions... :

  1. AdamMac said...

    Welcome to blogging... lets hope you can finish the next one :P

  2. Dale said...

    Awww! Paul.. YOU have a way with words. If the second last paragraph was devoted to who I think it was, then that person is very flattered by your kind words. That person is also interested in what his comeuppance will be.. :) 2 wishes left still remember.