Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I thought it might be appropriate for my gospels to include some proficies, i mean what kinda prophet would i be if i wasn't telling people how to live their lives? So this is my first!

- Your society shall condemn itself by erroneously accepting what should never be.

I have suggested in the past that people tend to go out of their way to ignore the strange. And to an extent i still hold strong to this although have conceded the severity has not reached the bounds of the negative spectrum (the valid rebuttal was quite persuasive).

Over time we have been 'conditioned'. Trained by society on how to act, react, perceive and judge. We have absorbed its ethics and morals and have accepted them as norms. To fit into our society one must go through a thought process, and just like ridding a bike, after a while you no longer consciously thing about it, but the process still remains. We evaluate a situation, apply both our set of values and morals and that of society. We then conclude with what is perceived as an appropriate course of action. The question that comes from this (I know you knew it was coming!) is, to what extent do they have on the creation of our own values?

It is often said that one is defined by the choices they make, but if an outcome is completely dependent upon a process, is the choice theirs to make? (I will probably discuss the notion of fate VS self fulfilling prophecies in a latter post)

Simply here to keep the regulars happy
As the SAW trilogy so eloquently stipulates:
What would you do when faced with life or pain? Could you play the game?

Till next we meet,

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  1. better_than_you said...

    I am waiting in anticipation to be told what to do. Arr your writing annoys me, it's a little too good...

    Keep it up,

  2. bahamut__neo said...

    who are you alex? i haven't seen you around these parts before ...

  3. better_that_you said...

    Lol you havent seen me period! I go to uni with paul, goooooo monash ~does the ford jump~. Lol i can't believe i said that :), i thought it was funny that you just attacked danny. Is he one of pauls friends? I dont know whether i should have put my two cents in, it just looked like fun.

    Alex coming at ya!

  4. Anonymous said...

    delving into the depths of the depths again and searching around for an explanation for the unexplainable, an answer for a question which is generally left unasked. continue this exploration, but be careful how deep you go...